About the Schools’ Track & Field Cup.

Entries are now closed for the 2024 season. Thank you if you have entered your school. Details of first round competitions will be sent directly from County Secretaries and meeting organisers to participating schools. Dates of these meetings will be posted below as and when they become available. Regional secretary contacts can be viewed at the foot of the page.

The ESAA Track & Field Cup is a competition between school teams which is held in three rounds. Each school can enter one team in four separate age-groups, Juniors (Years 7 & 8) and Intermediates (Years 9 & 10).  

Track & Field Cup Rounds


A current list of entries can be seen here. Schools highlighted in blue have a registered entry on the website. If the school is not highlighted they are not entered. The sheet is now fully up to date as at the time of entries closing.



Track & Field Competition Rules

Download the rules for the Track and Field Cup Competition below. T & F RULES

Track & Field Cup Score Tables


Download the score tables for the Track & Field Cup below.


Score Tables

The Next Competition

Online Entry Form

Entries for the 2024 ESAA Track and Field Cup are now closed. If you have entered your school details will follow in due course from your County secretary regarding the dates and venues for your first round meeting. Good luck.

Additional Information

Who can enter the Track and Field Cup?

Each school can enter one team in each of the following age groups:

What ages are eligible for entry in each competition?

Ages are as at 31st August at the end of the school year in which the competition is held. Normally Juniors are years 7 & 8, and Intermediates are years 9 & 10.

What is the format of the competition?

Teams comprise 12 athletes for Junior Girls, and 14 athletes for Intermediate Girls, Junior Boys, and Intermediate Boys. Each athlete may do no more than two events: one track and one field event; one track and the relay; one field event and the relay. All teams MUST have a relay team. Competitions are scored on a points basis where better performances gain more points. 


Where can I access Track and Field Cup scoring tables?

Track and Field Cup scoring tables can be downloaded here.

Which regions compete at the Track and Field Cup?

Please find a map of all regions eligible to compete here.

Who provides insurance for the Track and Field Cup?

Information around insurance can be found here.

ESAA Transgender statement

Section 195 of the Equalities Act 2010, makes it lawful to restrict participation of transgender participants in competitions where physical strength, stamina or physique are major factors in determining success or failure, if this is necessary to uphold fair competition, but not otherwise. 

This is effectively saying that if the physical strength, stamina or physique of the average pupil of one sex would put him or her at a significant advantage compared to the average pupil of the other sex as a competitor in a sport, game or other competitive activity, event organisers can legally restrict participation in the activity to pupils of one sex. Sports which come under this heading are referred to in the Act as a ‘Gendered Activity’. Athletics is a Gendered activity. 

For this reason, it is necessary to have in place a fair and considered policy to allow participation for all in Schools’ events and ensure fair competition and the safety of all those participating.


In Formal ESAA competitions, the girls’ category is for those who were recorded female at birth. This includes ESAA Track and Field Championships, ESAA Combined Events & Race-walking, ESAA Cross-Country, and ESAA Cup Competitions

Entry Information for team managers and meeting organisers.

Information on how to declare teams for County and Regional rounds. Meeting Organisers information. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PI9PKEXVM3plGx5IP0ic7ldxEVM80sf9/view?usp=sharing

Printer settings for Field cards instructions

Printer settings for Field cards instructions here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UhzB9dgabErhtsOMzNA6PNhGUXdFa9yt/view?usp=sharing

Upcoming Fixtures – 2024

The dates for County, Regional and the National final 2024.

County Rounds ( Round 1) will take place between May 7th and May 17th 2024.

Regional Rounds ( Round 2) will take place between June 4th and June 18th 2024

National Final Saturday 6th July 2024 Northwood Stadium, Keelings Rd, Northwood, Stoke on Trent ST1 6PA

Dates and venues of County Rounds and Regional Finals will be posted below after entries open and the details become available. Please check back regularly

2024 County Dates & Venues 2024 Regional Dates & Venues COMPETITION NUMBERS Track and Field Recording Slips Download the rules for the Track and Field Cup Competition below. TRACK SLIPS FOR PRINTING FIELD CARDS DISTANCE FIELD CARDS HEIGHT

The Next Competition

Track and Field Cup Final 2024

Saturday 6th July 2024 Northwood Stadium, Keelings Rd, Northwood, Stoke on Trent ST1 6PA ESAA National Final best performances can be viewed below. (updated August 2023)

ESAA Track and Field Cup Final Best Performances

National Final 2024 Souvenir T Shirts sales link below


ESAA Track and Field Cup

Competition organisers contact email address

National Coordinators and Regional secretaries contacts can be viewed below

Competition organisers email contacts

ESAA Track and Field Cup Badge Awards

A variety of badges can be ordered by schools for performances by athletes during the season. Full details via the link below

Click here for information about badge awards


Previous Track and Field Cup final results

The Track and Field Cup – 2022 Team Results can be found here. Earlier years to be added in due course. VIEW RESULTS

Track and Field Cup Results

See County and Regional results below.

Results shown may be subject to change.

Schools should inform organisers of any amendments within 24 hours.

Please note performances at the National Final will appear on the Power Of Ten.

A small number of Regional Rounds may also appear depending on the number of UKA officials attending.

County Round performances will not be eligible for appearing on the Power of Ten.

  2023 Results 2024 Results